5 Ways the Hawkin Boosts Wildlife Viewing

There is nothing more frustrating than having shaky arms from holding up your binoculars while trying to view an animal or bird in the distance. You have likely tried leaning on the hood of your car, resting your arms on your steering wheel or, worst of all, hunching over to rest your arms on your knees. Not only does this put more strain on your shoulders and back, but it still leaves you with a less-than-ideal viewing experience. As well, traditional stabilization platforms like tripods and monopods are cumbersome to travel with and slow to adjust as your target moves, and they can be heavy to carry into the backcountry and slow to deploy when you happen upon a fleet-footed animal or bird. The Hawkin System was developed to improve the viewing experience of anyone using binoculars. It’s lightweight, easy to adjust and provides optimal support and flexibility to view anything you want. Still not convinced? Here are the top five ways the Hawkin System can boost your wildlife viewing experience.

  • Distributes Weight & Reduces Shake

Prolonged use of binoculars can lead to fatigue of your arms and shoulders and straining of your neck to view your subject properly. This can all lead to shakiness and reduce your ability to view wildlife for long periods of time. The Hawkin System was designed to distribute the weight across the pack system. This helps reduce the traditional strain of binoculars and extend your viewing time, allowing you to stay engaged in viewing or searching for an animal or bird for longer periods of time. In addition, the pack system helps you to stabilize your view so you can avoid trying to find makeshift places to rest your arms, or the need to carry around bulky monopods or tripods.  You’ll find you can see clearer for longer while using the Hawkin.

  • Easy to Assemble & Carry

The Hawkin System is designed to collapse and fit neatly within the convenient carrying pack. This means you can carry your Hawkin with you whether you are going on a short afternoon hike or a week long trek through the mountains. In addition, the pack features additional room to carry many crucial day trip items such as a water bottle, note pads, snacks, safety equipment and more. Once you discover what you’re looking for, the Hawkin assembles quickly so you don’t miss an opportunity. Simply attach the adjustable head and platform to the monopod and use the adjustable strap to secure your binoculars— it’s that easy! The system then easily breaks back down and stores inside the pack as you move on to your next step. For more details on assembly check out our video here [https://www.hawkinwildlife.com/hawkin-system/]

  • Easy to Adjust

Adjusting the Hawkin System to your personal use is a core feature. From the pack to the binocular platform, the Hawkin System features adjustments at almost every turn. The Hawkin pack can be adjusted to fit almost any individual. Using the shoulder and waist straps, you can adjust the Hawkin pack to where it is most comfortable for you. As well, the pack features safety straps that attach to your binoculars to protect your valuable equipment. The monopod can be adjusted up and down to your height, or to allow you to view animals high up on a cliff or tree. On top of the monopod, the tilt head allows you to adjust your view up to 45 degrees forward and back. This head also includes soft touch tightening for easy use. The head can be tightened to keep your binoculars at a fixed angle, or you can leave it loose to allow for easy up and down browsing while searching for an animal or bird to view. Finally, the silicone strap can be adjusted to fit almost 90% of binoculars as well as some versions of spotting scopes. The Hawkin System is designed to fit you.

  • Fits Your Viewing Style

The Hawkin can also be used in a wide variety of viewing experiences. Whether you are at home, in the car or out exploring, the Hawkin can be used. Your binoculars can be easily left assembled to the monopod at home and quickly used to view birds or animals in your backyard. The monopod rests easily on counters or other hard flat surfaces and can be adjusted to allow you to view wildlife out of your windows. If you are in your car for a day trip through Yellowstone or Glacier National Park, the Hawkin can easily be used for viewing animals off the road as well. Once again, the Hawkin can be adjusted to rest on your vehicle’s hood, or you can quickly put on the pack and utilize the monoport for easy viewing while others fight with tripods and risk missing their opportunity. Where the Hawkin really flourishes, however, is out in the field with no flat surfaces in sight. The Hawkin System is designed to provide an excellent viewing experience far from home. Whether you are hiking for a day or a week, the Hawkin can help you make the most of every wildlife opportunity.

  • Elevates Your Viewing Experience

Finally, the Hawkin elevates every viewing experience. No matter where you want to use your binoculars, the Hawkin is ready to help you make the most of it. From your home to the field, the Hawkin is ready to help. The system is designed to work together and in unison with your binoculars to help you elevate your experience. It’s also a great addition to a smartphone binocular adapter for digiscoping. Weighing just 2.6 pounds and able to be stored away in as little as two minutes, the Hawkin will be there the next time you want to use your binoculars and are ready to elevate your viewing experience on your next outdoor adventure. To learn more about the Hawkin System or to purchase yours, click here.