The Hawkin Experience

When you hear the word “adventure,” what comes to mind? For some, it may be a once-in-a-lifetime event that holds special meaning, and for others, it might be any point in time when they stepped outside of their comfort zone. For us, the journey into the unknown is what adventure is all about.

As any outdoor enthusiast knows, having the right equipment can make the difference between venturing out once, or venturing out over and over again, eager to keep exploring. We want every birder, wildlife watcher, envirotourist, sports fan, and outdoor enthusiast to be able to expand their horizons, acquire a thirst for adventure, and develop a love for seeking new experiences out in the field.

The Hawkin System streamlines your entire viewing experience by taking the pressure off of your neck and arms, reducing muscle fatigue, and eliminating the shakiness that comes with holding your binoculars. With only five pieces for quick and easy assembling, our goal is to keep things simple so that you can get outdoors and focus on all of the wonderful things you’ll find along the way, without compromising time or comfort. When you’re finished taking in the sights for the day, you can quickly disassemble your Hawkin System and store it in the included pack, so you can easily grab it and go the next time you head out.

Between the preparation beforehand and your final destination at the end of the road, we hope the journey itself is what excites you the most.

We believe that when you have a Hawkin, you really do elevate your passion. Be sure to subscribe to emails to be the first to know when Hawkin takes flight this September.